Dolce Milano was founded in Milan in 2012 when Mario Laddaga and Carmine Santillo took their love of good taste and an entrepreneurial idea and combined it with a partnership with Dolciaria Acquaviva S.p.A., one of the Italy’s best producers of quality foods operating nationwide. The founders pooled their experience, consolidated in over fifteen years of service in leading companies in the hospitality-restaurant-catering sector.

Dolce Milano wants to promote Italian culture by offering genuine, high quality food products from a certified production process and with a guaranteed controlled origin. Their wide range of original products makes it easy to find something to eat at any time of the day.

When you choose Dolce Milano for your business, you can count on a catalog of more than 400 preformed or raw bakery products and desserts, plus excellent solutions for coffee bars and fast food restaurants. Dolce Milano has a network of knowledgeable sales representatives and its own logistics system to guarantee reliable deliveries and immediate assistance.

Dolce Milano represents the big heart that is behind the seemingly impersonal guise of Lombardy’s capital city. Milan is open-minded and has time for all us – no matter where we come from. It has surprising and often little-known culinary traditions, with delicious and interesting foods and very particular high level desserts. Milan is fertile ground for cultivating traditions and excellence from all over Italy.

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Dolce Milano is able to ship his products abroad through his partners and dealers. We’ll be happy to serve you in the following country:
England – Germany – Belgium – Netherlands – Spain – Switzerland – France